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  1. Thank you for your suggestions! Where do you get beetle jellies? Are there pre-made mixes for housing that you can buy or do you have to make your own? Is the Eco-Earth/sphagnum moss mix ok for them?
  2. Hey y'all from the bluegrass of Kentucky! I am a new beetle mom as of a couple days ago. My hubby found a beautiful male Hercules beetle at work and rescued it. I set him up in a tank with moist Eco Earth, a cork piece to climb and a piece of overripe banana. A friend called yesterday and had found a female Hercules in her chimney. I picked her up and set her up similarly in a separate tank. Lol Now what? I would love to breed these beauties, and I am so excited to find this site! Any advice is welcome as I learn about these incredible beetles!
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