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  1. Do you have any to sell? I’m a casual hobbyist and would love to have one!
  2. Awwww thank you for your thoughts and for sharing that story. We clearly see them as more than just bugs. We know when there’s a change in behavior and can see the signs. Jill lost all her tarsi and a couple of her legs locked up and was no longer useful. But she was a tough girl, she still tried to get around. I currently having an aging male S aloeus. He is slow as well so I put him a smaller enclosure. He’s not as strong as he used to be and his main issue is that he ends up upside down a lot and can’t right himself. I put several items in there to help, but he’s weak. So I take his en
  3. I have a bunch of S aloeus larvae in a bead container, each in their own compartment. As they became larger, they started hanging out at the surface and chewing / biting at the container. I can hear the ticking and clicking, as if they were trying to chew their way out. Why do they do this? They do have small vent holes.
  4. I purchased mine online, they are feeding on oak flake soil. I had no idea they were so hard to come by!
  5. Is Megasoma particularly short-lived as beetles? I have a few sleeperi larvae - they take forever to grow.
  6. Hi Garin, thanks for the welcome! I'm just a casual hobbyist so I wasn't even really trying to breed them. Very unexpected!
  7. Thanks, and thanks for the welcome! It still blows my mind that the bulk of their lives is as larvae, not adults. Seems backwards, right? They are pet larvae!
  8. Happy to be part of this forum. I got into the beetle hobby last year. I love all beetles but the one closest to my heart are Strategus aloeus, simply because it was my first beetle. My female lived over a year and recently passed...so heartbroken. Most beetles just die, but Jill, I watched her age and become more mobile challenged, like a person. Anyways, I love this beetle so much, I am now stuck with almost 50 larvae and not sure what to do with them all - they grow so fast!
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