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  1. The US actually has quite a few endangered species (especially the Nicrophorus americanus beetles), idk if there are any endangered species in Oregon. Here is a link with all endangered US insects https://ecos.fws.gov/ecp/report/species-listings-by-tax-group?statusCategory=Listed&groupName=Insects
  2. Nice, I’m glad that I’m one of the few to produce babies!
  3. Nah Its definitely not another sp. I have no round millipedes that live in my backyard, just some greenhouse millipedes.
  4. I was pretty easy I’m going to make a care and breeding sheet soon. Probably next week
  5. Not yet, haven’t found anyone selling any.
  6. Yes I have lot of different millipedes.
  7. Help I have a millipede addiction!!! After multiple sightings of breeding a small group of orthoporus ornatus has produced a 1st gen of cb babies!! The babies have already moulted once. I will give future updates and get more adults for this culture. I will also do a care and breeding guide in the future. Pictured below is one of the adults.
  8. Its a hard but worth it, as they live longer than most hobby insects
  9. I am giving away a group of +28 A. nasatum isopods. Giveaway is USA only. https://discord.gg/eY2sSmY4tT Stay tuned for more giveaways.
  10. I am surrounded by roads and highways we never get beetles that large. C. nitida and grapevine beetles are the largest ones here.
  11. Wow that’s close to me, I will have to take a trip there in the spring.
  12. Basically free advertising for your channel, server, business you name it, for a month.
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