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  1. Also if you didn’t know Common hissers (Gromphadorhina portentosa) and Halloween hissers (Elliptorhina javanica) are in totally different genus, although they come from the same island, I doubt it would be possible to hybridize them.
  2. Np! I’m glad to make other people happy! It ends in 3 days just so everyone knows!
  3. So all these things are free: you don’t have to pay anything, (most of the stuff is overstock in my collection) 1. 20 A. vulgare or 20 A. nasatum or both if you so choose (US only) 2. Plant painting and 2 plant stickers (Anywhere) This has a price of $30 but, I already have to much plant artwork and stickers, so that’s why I’m giving it away. 3. 1 patch of star moss & 1 broom moss patch (US only We also have lots of fun events, one starts @ 8 tonight. So come and have some fun and make some friends! https://discord.gg/tMYkTS2vXx
  4. No problem, just thought someone had to get the word out there.
  5. Sorry for the long rant but this will affect all of us Most information from https://usark.org/2021-lacey/ U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) has introduced Senate Bill 626 (S626). This is a bill that would reverse the USARK federal lawsuit victory by reinstating the ban on interstate transportation of species listed as injurious under the Lacey Act. The bill would also create a “white list” (see #2 below). This goes far beyond large constrictor snakes. This will trickle down to hundreds or thousands of common pet species. Also note this may not pertain only to non-native species
  6. I must have been thinking of the desert ones then
  7. They are darkling beetles so their elytra are fused together after pupating. This creates a really hard exoskeleton and prevents water from escaping. All darklings are unable to fly.
  8. Found 3 today one was to fast to photograph! They are growing, and I keep finding more, who knows how many are under the soil.
  9. The US actually has quite a few endangered species (especially the Nicrophorus americanus beetles), idk if there are any endangered species in Oregon. Here is a link with all endangered US insects https://ecos.fws.gov/ecp/report/species-listings-by-tax-group?statusCategory=Listed&groupName=Insects
  10. Nice, I’m glad that I’m one of the few to produce babies!
  11. Nah Its definitely not another sp. I have no round millipedes that live in my backyard, just some greenhouse millipedes.
  12. I was pretty easy I’m going to make a care and breeding sheet soon. Probably next week
  13. Not yet, haven’t found anyone selling any.
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