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  1. Recently, I found some L3 larvae of what I assume to be Lucanus Elaphus grubs. I got them some flake soil, a chunk of white rotten wood, and situated them within my room maintaining a temperature of 75-80 degrees. Recently, I've been seeing strings of mycelium grown within the bottom half of the substrate where the larvae are, and I just want to know if I should proceed with removing them or leaving them in there.
  2. What is the best possible black light to use for beetle hunting? I've seen many types and variations of black lights and they are rather expensive, so I want to know what exactly to look for.
  3. I'm an up and coming beetle breeder in detroit, and I have a hard time finding beetles of any kind in my city. I was just wondering if there are any other hobbyists in my state that could help me in finding the best locations to look for stags and rhinos, as well as possible doing business with.
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