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    Stags, Rhinos, ironclads, isopods, millipedes, and scorpions.
  1. Hi all, One of my ox beetles has lived as an adult for over ten months. I know they usually only live as adults for around 3-4 months, so is this noteworthy at all?
  2. Hey that link expired sorry, can you send another one?
  3. That’s awesome, I didn’t know we had 6 stag species! And thank you, hopefully the ox beetles will get here safely. Do you keep any bugs at the moment?
  4. Hi there everyone, I’m fairly new to beetles and bugs in general, and I absolutely LOVE all sorts of stag and rhino beetles, as well as ironclads! I currently own four blue death feigning beetles, am trying to breed mealworms, and am keeping around 20 locally collected isopods of multiple species. Today, in fact, I ordered two Strategus aloeus Ox beetles and am super excited for them to come. I have an enclosure set up for them with coconut fiber, and have enough beetle jelly, but am not quite sure about what I should keep the humidity like. If anyone has experience with owning these, I’
  5. I would really like to know too, as I also live in Michigan!
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