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  1. One more question - I've got a large vivarium and wanted to create a "living tank", what plants are safe to place in with this beetle? Or are any ok? I was thinking spider plant.
  2. Hi all, I've recently purchased a xylotrupes Gideon sumatrenis rhino beetle larvae. I've never owned an exotic pet before and even with countless searches I have not managed to find all the information I want. The larvae I purchased was an L2, but the packet said L3 - yet it's not the "yellowy" colour an L3 in the photos I've seen is, could it have been mislabeled? If it is an L2, how long could it take before it becomes a beetle? How do I know if my larvae had cocooned yet? Because I've read that I shouldn't disturb it when it does. I've currently got it in a tub with
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