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  1. They are doing just fine for your information.Since its all organic matter i dont see the problem.I observed them eating potting soil mixed with peat and dried moss.They are doing just for now.Will se.
  2. So my 3 female Xylotrupes gideon females laid a hundred eggs way more then I expected.When i had 6 larvae i feed them mostly wood and garden soil mix.But I just dont have the space to dry and store so much rotten wood for 100 larvae.Then I wondered would it be possible to raise the larvae on potting soil and peat mix.Maybe add some dry moss that they sell in bags for reptiles? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Thanks man. Interesting.Any idea why? Dont find much on them on Google.
  4. Hello. Can someone identify the beetle species 0:39 seconds? I am mainly interested at the bigger Rose chafers in the middle they look like Cetonia aurata but seem bigger. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I bought some general garden soil from Home Depot.Mixed it with wood for my beetle larvae.I noticed i had some added fertilizers and minerals nothing special just to help promote plant growth.Can they affect my larvae in a negative way if they ingest it?
  6. Well you guys have an election coming up.And since Trump likes deregulation,maybe he can do something about that ;).
  7. Thanks for the info.Well now they are active and feeding.I saw the male mount the female yesterday.Will her behavior change in any way once she is ready to lay eggs.Will she start to burrow into the substrate more often?
  8. Quite agile and quick.To bad the video does not show what it was looking for.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPXW-hk7hUk Could be a new species of beetle? Any thoughts?
  10. About three weeks ago i had two females and two males emerge from there artificial pupal chambers.After a day or two i placed them into a breeding container.They where quick to bury themselves into the substrate and i have not seen them since on the surface.How long will it take for them to emerge and begin be active?
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