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  1. i live in a pretty suburban area sadly but i'll definitely go and look for some when the weather improves!
  2. what permits would i need? im guessing its something from usda aphis? i want to make sure that everything is legal before get anymore beetles. thank you for letting me know!
  3. my first beetle larvaes arrived! there is also a female but i didnt get a photo of her. theyre eating very well.
  4. they werent from out of the united states, they shipped from florida so i assume it should be fine? they arrived yesterday and are doing well. if i do decide to import in the future, i'll make sure i have all the permits lined up!
  5. ah so thats probably why i couldnt find much information on it! i heard of it being used from a source or two but no where else. thanks!
  6. i recently purchased some japanese rhino beetles after eyeing them for years. ive done lots of research and consider myself well equipped to care for them. however, i have lots of questions about making kinshi and substrate for rhino beetles. the species i have (well i dont have them yet, theyre still in shipping) are Trypoxylus dichotomus and i havent been able to find too much information on making kinshi/substrate for them. i saw a video about creating fermented substrate from activated yeast and traeger wood pellets but im not sure if that would work for rhino beetles. i have substrate pre
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