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  1. There is no need to be mean, on a old thread...
  2. For the walnut, pecan, and hickory, will they take dried leaves, or do they only eat fresh?
  3. I just made my first batch as well! I don't have any beetles at the moment, but once this is fermented I hope to have some Euphoria fulgida or some Chrysina maybe. I'm looking forward to getting into this hibby!
  4. Hullo all! I'm 35, and live in Eastern Wahington, US for the moment (Intend on moving to the coast at some point this year!) I've watched a ridiculous quantity of youtube videos about different beetles and raising/breeding them, which brought me to the Bugs in Cyberspace channel and site, and eventually to here! So far my budget is such that I haven't had the opportunity to purchase any beetles for myself, but I'm cramming as much knowledge in my brain as I can while I save up for some shiny new beetle friends. My favorite US beetles are any of the Crysina, as well as the Phana
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