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  1. To my mind, Tetramorium sp..
  2. Hello, A little post, just to share some photos of the ground beetle Carabus (Chrysocarabus) auronitens auronitens natio. normannensis. Typical form. Fi. charlottae Fi. letacqi
  3. According to For the Love, it take 30 - 45 days.
  4. Cool topic ! Mine is @niemaluzo.
  5. OK, thank for this advices ; I will do this tomorrow !
  6. Firstly, I gave them a substrate with flour and many pieces of rotten wood, and a recipient with soil in the case they don't want to lay eggs in the flour. Actually they have principally oviposit in the flour. But this substrate is probably very bad, so I think I will change this for a setup closer than their natural habitat, with hard and dry rotten wood, and a sandy substrate, to optimize the larvae growing.
  7. Thanks ! Yes, Akis tuberculata are amazing. The first impression about them (I had them only in August, wild-caught), is they lay eggs very easily, and in great number, but the larvae seems to be very cannibalistic, or hard to breed, or are eaten by the adults (several larvae in the substrate a few week ago... But this week, zero larvae, only eggs).
  8. Hi ! I'm sorry, I'm French, and my English level is very, very, very bad... Sorry ! So, I'm a French beetle keeper, but also ant and roaches keeper. In the beetles, I keep in the three families, Dynastidae (Oryctes nasicornis and Dynastes hercules lichyi), Cetonidae (Protaetia (Cetonischema) speciosissima, Cetonia aurata and few species where I have only males or only females), Lucanidae (Prosopocoilus (Metopodontus) savagei, Homoderus gladiator and Lamprima adolphinae) and Tenebrionidae (Akis tuberculata) ; the Lamprima adolphinae are obviously my favorites. Sorry if this presentation is short... But I have not many thing to said. Sorry !
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