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  1. Good to know. I was getting a little worried something was wrong with how long he was on his back. Thanks again for both of your help.
  2. Thanks, this is about what I was expecting but wanted to be sure. I'm probably going to move him within the next day or two because he does keep flipping on his back and I am starting to see white spots forming on the foam which can't be good. One more question regarding the rehouse: What size enclosure should I put him in? He's a little guy at ~7cm and I was thinking of putting him in the container I kept him in as a larva which is a ~18cm cube. Is this good enough or should I go bigger?
  3. What does it mean if he's flipped on his back? He's done it a couple times and then righted himself after a while.
  4. I've put my hercules beetle in a foam pupal chamber to monitor him better and he just emerged Wednesday. I know they then go through an inactive period of ~2-3 weeks until they come out to find food, so now I am wondering when it is safe to move him out of the cell and into his adult enclosure. Is he safe to move now that his elytra are dark or should I wait until he is active and starts trying to dig his way out?
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