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  1. You don't need a mercury vapor setup unless you want to use it. You can go to gas stations or stores with HID lamps in Northern Payson and stay from sunset to late at night for the best results. They usually start coming out in reliable numbers past August 20th and into September. Dynastes grantii eat Arizona Ash which are located around rivers, so you could try there. Just bring a portable setup and try a couple different places and if all else fails, then try gas stations in northern Payson. You'll most likely find Chrysina gloriosa which eat Juniper, so you'd find them there as well, but if you just go to Northern Payson and sit for a while, you'll probably see a few. You may also find Chrysina lecontei. You'll really only see Chrysina in really good number down South in Places like Madera Canyon, Portal, or any place like that. You should definitely try the Home Depot in Northern Payson if all else fails. The later into the season it gets, the less temperatures should impact their numbers.
  2. Did you find anything? I'm considering going to Glamis to search for Megasoma sleeperi instead of Megasoma punctulatus since, ironically, there is more public information about Megasoma sleeperi despite it being a rarer species than Megasoma punctulatus.
  3. Hello, so I am planning on going down to Rio Rico, AZ on August 15 to look for Megasoma punctulatus. Does anybody know what time they come out at night to wander around or to latch onto Mesquite trunks? I have exact locales but I do not know what times at night I should stay for. I also need to know if anyone thinks that I should go any sooner or later in August. I know light traps don't work that well and I know that you can find them on Mesquite trunks at night during the season, but I don't know when the peak of the season is or what time at night, either. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, I live in Fountain Hills, Arizona which is about an hour away from Payson. I have been to Payson through August to September for the past two or three years now, but I have yet to find any live specimens of Dynastes grantii except for a female which had stayed at the base of a wall from the previous night. I have talked to a couple different people and I know the times to go in the months and what time at night to look for them. There is a gas station that is right next to the Home Depot in northern Payson which I've heard is good for Dynastes grantii. That is where I've always gone and I've seen pretty much nothing. Just dead specimens and that female. Both the Home Depot and Gas Station have HID lamps and yet all I can seem to find is Xyloryctes thestalus. My question is, are there any really good areas that I can go besides the Home Depot and Gas station in Payson? I've seen many people say that Star Valley is better but I never see any exact locations which could be really good. I've also heard of people finding them in the hundreds somewhere in Navajo county. Going into a clearing or some place with a portable HID lamp isn't really an option at the moment. That's why I'm asking more for like a specific gas station, restaurant, or anything of the sort.
  5. So I know a fair bit about Megasoma Sleeperi, but there is still a bit of info I'm missing. I also need a bit of Info on collecting M. Sleeperi in Arizona. I know exactly the general locations in the Algodones Dunes, and the spot in AZ, but I just need more info. If anyone regularly looks for and successfully collects Megasoma Sleeperi, and particularly if you do it in the spot in Arizona, DM me, I want to ask a few questions which are mainly just theories. This also goes for M. Punctulatus, I know some exact locales, but just a bit of info is needed. Thanks in advance.
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