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  1. That is definitely him! Thanks so much! Was thinking female because I'm used to taking care of rhino beetles and this little guy doesn't have the big horns, but he does have his cool, big, feathery antennas! They seem to eat pine needles. He wasn't really interested in the beetle jelly. I'll try to get him some today! I'd love to watch him eat.
  2. Just picked up these two a couple days ago. I don't really have any nice pictures of the female. She's buried almost all of the time. But my male stays still and eats all day long! Here they are!
  3. Hello! I'm currently living in Japan, though I grew up in the USA. And I have been learning how much I love beetles here! I currently have a Chalcosomacaucasus, Hector, who I'll attach a picture of. I've had kabutomushi, Japanese rhino beetles, too! Nice to meet you all!
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