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  1. Hi, I'd like to start a new project after succesfully breeding of some rhino and stag beetles. Would like to try darkling beetles and I do have questions. Which species would You recommend me to breed, as I'd like exotic, but also accessible. What about enclosure, conditions etc, I will appreciate any good source of informations. Thank You all very much.
  2. Hi, I want to set a collection of dung beetles, but dont want to collect all, my main places of interest is Asia, Africa, South America Im interested which would You suggest me as a most stunning sp. I'd also like to know, if some of You breed any scarabs and if You can advice on this topic, not sure, which species are available or lets say accessible in the hobby. Ill be extremely greatfull, if You can share Your experiences and oppinions with me. Many thanks and great day to everyone.
  3. Hi, Im looking for some youtubers, so far know only Daniel Ambuehl, does any other channels exist please? Post a link eventually, many thanks to everyone
  4. Hi guys, up untill last week I was only collecting beetles, recently I bought Xylotrupes pubescens larvae and adult trio of Mecynorrhina torquata. I feel, that breeding will satisfy me and bring even more pleasure than collecting. I hope, that Ill find there useful tips and learn more about breeding. Greetings to everyone from Czechia!!
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