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  1. Here is a significantly lower quality picture(original was too big to embed)
  2. Unfortunately the picture is far too big but let me try something hang on
  3. Found this little guy crossing the sidewalk on a walk with the little one yesterday, any ideas? Pic of the larva
  4. Yep have 3 superworms in plastic cups in our bathroom cabinet right now 😂. Thankfully the wife is ok with it.
  5. Keepass is your friend for all things password related 😉
  6. New to hobby, just bought 50 superworms to pupate into Morio beetles to get an easy intro into the hobby. I spent my childhood outdoors and have always loved insects so this just speaks to me plus I would like to get the mini me into insects early. I’ve already learned a lot just lurking so far and hope to learn much more.
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