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  1. I found it this morning on my porch. Edit: he might have came to my porch lights and then died in the night or something
  2. So I haven’t been on the website in a while, nor have I been doing really anything involving beetles besides classroom visits but I found an almost dead male Lucanus capreolus and was wondering if nows a good time to look and how should I catch some (bait or light traps or something else?)
  3. So I’m starting this off as a disclaimer THIS IS A KIDS BOOK. Not an informational book. Getting that aside I LOVE the beetle boy series. Even if you are an adult I recommend reading it. Basically this kids dad who is a coleopterist disappears and he kid has to work together with his friends to defeat this lady who wants to mass breed destructive beetles like grain weevils. The lady also has kidnpapped his Dad. All three of the beetle boy books are very well written and are great for younger kids (8-12) who are slightly interested in bugs. It also is sort of entertaining for older people. The book is written by M.G. Leonard. Anyway this is one of my favorite books and I think beetle enthusiasts will enjoy reading a non-factual beetle book.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Bugs in cyberspace has mantids, n. Amearicanus, and lucanus elaphus for sale on their website right now and if you make a post in the for sale area I’m sure you could find some other creatures on your list!
  5. It says in the ultimate guide not to disturb the eggs because they are easily damaged so maybe a larvae could have damaged the eggs or maybe you accidentally damaged the eggs without knowing. But that’s my opinion I haven’t kept this species I was just stating what the guide said while adding something on.
  6. (Yeah I’m sorta quoting a post of Orin’s that I came across ) In stags you can see the ovaries through the sides of the abdomen, in flower and rhinos there's a spot (herald's organ) on the lower ventral abdomen if it's a male.
  7. So I’m going to Anguilla for thanksgiving and I went to grand cayman last Christmas and had great success beetle hunting (found a huge black longhorn beetle and some smaller female scarabs) and I was wondering what kinds of beetles I should look for. I’m definitely going to set up a light trap but if anyone has experience beetle hunting there (or anywhere in the Caribbean) some advice would be appreciated. I’ll update this with my finds. (I leave Tuesday so please be quick) I obviously won’t be bringing any beetles home but I will bring home some Cadbury chocolate 😉
  8. Hi, my name is Owen and I’m not new to the beetle hobby or beetle forum (long time lurker) but I finally set up an account. I have one rough death feigning beetle, two blue death feigning beetles, and an Axolotl. My favourite beetle exotic beetle is Mecyrrhina torqata ugandis but I also LOVE desert darklings and zopheridae. Anyway I’m really excited to finally have an account
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