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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. I had a sneaking suspicion that they were not legal, but just had to ask since I see many breeders on Facebook openly selling A.dichotoma and people mentioning where they bought theirs from in the captions whenever they upload pictures of them. I thought it was super odd when I kind of confronted one of the sellers asking them how they were able to sell these beetles and got this whole run around of "well most beetles aren't legal in the US" and then their "explanation" never adequately answered my initial question of legality of the beetles. I have always wanted A.dichotoma, I grew up with many shows depicting the Japanese rhinoceros beetle in some way shape or form; Medabots, Digimon, Pokemon, etc so I have always been super into that beetle as it is the first horned beetle I remember seeing. I would never try to buy a living creature that is illegal, and would make sure that if I do purchase one it is 100% legal. Maybe I can own some some day once I acquire the proper permits from APHIS?
  2. Hey folks. So I am posting this to see if this is legal. I have noticed that there are a rather large number of facebook "beetle breeders" who are selling A.dichotoma, which admittedly is the first horned beetle I ever saw and got me interested in beetles in general. Considering how popular they are, and to my understanding they are pretty common, it strikes me as odd that some of the bigger bug suppliers in the US do not have them. I would have surely thought that Bugsincyberspace or even someone on here would have tried to sell them if they were legal, but I also know how hard it is to get exotic species shipped to the US. So what do you guys think? Is it legal if it is legitimate sales of A.dichotoma?
  3. Hey all! My male L.elaphus emerged from its pupa on July 5th, when can I dump the cup to check on the little Guy? He is upside down so I want to make sure he is okay.
  4. I definitely have to agree with you JKim. I was hoping iNaturalist was more reliable than some others. I tend to ignore the ones where only one person has spotted one species, such as someone who apparently found a rhinoceros beetle here in Maine, but this person was the only one who saw it. I definitely know for sure that at least C.Sexguttata is here. I will definitely be using my new net for more than just catching snacks for my mantids now.
  5. According to inaturalist, the tiger beetle species we have here in Maine are cicindella species(10 sp), and I would love to try and acquire all of them. I would be really happy if I just caught C.scutellaris, but I'm not too picky.
  6. Okay. I will have to check some out, thank you.
  7. I see them a lot at my parents house, which is in the woods. Do you think going to a sandy beach area would yield better results?
  8. Hello everyone! I am looking for some advice on catching tiger beetles. I believe the ones we have here in Maine are C.sexguttata if that helps.
  9. So I have turned the heat down, but I still find larvae on the top of the jars, only one has stayed down. I also had a D.grantii larvae come to the top, but this happened shortly after I put the lids on the D.grantii jars, they just kind of sit in their jars in a tote with air holes and the tote is sealed, just not the jars. I don't know what it is I am doing wrong, unless you guys think that where I am going wrong is not having clay at the bottom of the jars (the L.elaphus larvae are L2)
  10. Hello everyone. So as of recently, my Lucanus Elaphus larvae have been coming to the surface of the substrate and hanging out there, at first I thought it was because the substrate wasn't deep enough, but I filled all of the jars with 50/50 substrate each, 50% of it is substrate I bought from Peter Clausen and 50% is my oak substrate I made from oak pellets, I mist it every other day and my animal room stays at 80 degrees at all times. I have already had one death and I am afraid I will lose the others.
  11. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their input, it is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone! I have been considering taking a trip to catch some live specimens for myself, so I was looking for some advice. I like horned beetles, and stags, but I also like mantids as well. What state in the US would have the best chance of giving me some cool specimens?
  13. Hello everyone! Edited the original post because I was without caffeine and posted it in the wrong section. I was wondering if everyone collects as much dead oak and stuff as they can before it goes out of season. I collected like a mad man and am now overwhelmed with sticks, leaves, and flake soil.
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