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  1. I'm @hydrophilus. I post the occasional bug/herp pic, as well as random pics from my travels!
  2. Verolazico, did you have any luck keeping them?
  3. I expect that Alaus would generally not be difficult to breed. I have been keeping Pyrophorus noctilucus larvae (which were themselves several generations captive bred) for approximately a year, and aside from a few instances where I neglected to keep the humidity up in some of the larval cups, the larvae have been an absolute breeze to raise. Early instars fed on rotted hardwood and fish/dog/cat kibble. Once they got big enough, I separated them and started feeding them small mealworms. I was feeding them once every week or two, but the first three adults I got from this effort all pupated at about half the size I expected. It turns out I wasn't feeding them enough, so I have started feeding them at least twice a week. If anyone ends up collecting a pair (or three!) of Alaus in the next month or so, I'd be happy to buy some. I'd love to try breeding them.
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