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  1. will you be selling or trading any grants? I have Strategus antaeus pairs and they look like cute little triceratops. Collection data available. I'd love to get some grants for myself. Thanks

  2. Buprestids can easily be caught with funnel traps. I have a few dozen with a dozen species. You can get 5-6 in a single trap and up to 3 species :). Don't know if you are still interested in the info but thought I'd pitch in. I have also collected them under hemlock bark, as well as just on the ground.

    1. Goliathus


      Are the funnel traps something that's commercially available, and are they specifically for buprestids?  What is used as bait?

    2. JunkaiWangisme


      Ethanol or Ethanol-alpha pinene. You can buy funnel traps on bioequip. You can get all kinds of stuff in them. You can go on my website ofbugsandart.com to check some of them out :). I labeled what is hand collected and what is caught with funnel traps I think. I used that website for my college apps. I work with a entomology professor over the summer (studies bark beetles), with a huge bonus of being able to use his traps, funnel traps are for bark beetles but I have seen stag beetles, flower beetles, longhorns and lots of click beetles in them.

    3. pannaking22


      I get most of mine by sweeping and beating vegetation, but I've used some funnel traps as well. They work pretty well and are a good way to pick up odd species every now and then. Thanks for the comment!

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