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  1. In The first 2 minutes of this video, it shows a large mesquite tree with possible Megasoma vogti frass.
  2. To everyone that is trying to find Megasoma vogti. Frass at the bottom of large mesquite trees. Warm temperatures above freezing, all year long are good indicators to find them.
  3. Well, I wish the people that are breeding them in the US luck.
  4. Why is Megasoma vogti is not in the hobby, when it’s the most common US Megasoma species?
  5. Was this male captive bred or wild caught.
  6. Nice, did you find the females near lights or on mesquite trees.
  7. Im talking about the largest known length.
  8. What’s the largest Megasoma vogti adult you’ve seen or heard of?
  9. Did you find Megasoma punctulatus females and males in the wild?
  10. I hope to find Megasona punctulatus this year.
  11. It looks like Cedar mulch that you buy from a garden center. But Cedar mulch is a insect repellent. Dynastes tityus larvae has been found in conifers before.
  12. Check these videos out. He has a cool YouTube channel.
  13. Check out this video that this person posted. Has anyone seen Dynastes tityus in these numbers before?
  14. I already have 25 larvae that have hatched from these eggs.
  15. I don’t know, a lot of them seem fertile to me.
  16. My Dynastes tityus female has laid 104 eggs so far 2 of which are unfertilized.
  17. What was the most amount of eggs a single Dynastes tityus female has laid for you?
  18. Hi everyone, I have a Dynastes tityus female that has laid around 80 eggs so far. What was the most amount of eggs a single Dynastes tityus female has laid for you?
  19. This female has more of a greenish coloration than a lot of Dynastes granti that I’ve seen so far. I found this picture from this website, https://beetlesinthebush.com/2015/10/.
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