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  1. Update! Lloyd has made it and is *still* enjoying his first meal since this morning. Thank you so much everyone for your support!!
  2. Lloyd pupated 2 days ago! The breeder who sold me the larvae actually told me that this species randomly chooses on its own whether to have a one or a two-year larval stage. Guess this boy just wanted to stay young for a bit longer! As I was running out of my own pre-made substrate, I ordered some from https://www.coleopterra.com. Can attest for high quality service and product! Length of his pupa is 105mm.
  3. Hey Max! Thank you so much. That makes sense. Now that I think of it, I probably did have their substrate a bit too loose. I guess the other 3 were just better at building cells! Now, I have their substrate quite tightly packed with lots of headroom. Since the latest substrate change re: above, they haven't ventured away from the bottom of their containers. I sure hope they won't stay like this for another year!! I had my soil pretty degraded, yes, quite close to black soil. That was true for the last couple of substrate changes. The first few were not as black. But they all had oyster my
  4. Hi Max, I make my own substrate from Traeger’s oak pellets, mixed in with some oyster mushroom mycelium (I make my own kinshi from the Traeger’s as well). I keep them each in separate containers. Since my first post, I have another girl emerge from her pupa successfully. As for the 6 larvae, they looked yellowish when I changed their substrate. Is that a good sign? Seemed sleepy and slow but healthy movements and firm bodies. Definitely a lot less active than what they used to be though. For the past few days they have been chewing on the new substrate (I put in some whole Traeg
  5. Thank you guys so much for responding. JKim, it is the temperature of the substrate. I have since changed their substrate and put them in a cooler room. Fingers crossed and will keep you posted!
  6. Hi everyone, I am a first time owner of 9 Dynastes hyllus hyllus babies since I got them as L2s in May 2019. 3 of them have pupated (respectively in Jan, Feb, then Mar 2020). All girls, all beautiful and looking healthy. Just a few hours ago, the one that pupated in January has emerged. She did a stellar job growing up. Here comes my question: my other 6 are still in their larval stage, lying around doing nothing. What’s going on? They turned L3 months ago, around the same time as the 3 pupated ones. The 6 of them haven’t been eating for months (over winter), just like the other
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