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  1. I got them from Kyle on Roachcrossing, and I believe his prices vary based on size and what he has available. Let's say they were spendy but not as bad as I was expecting based on prices I've seen elsewhere. The rhinos seem pretty happy so far, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Possible is good enough! My darkling tank was mostly just set up for display, but when I kept finding larvae anyway I figured I'd give them a fighting chance, so I put in some better substrate and will be poking through it every so often to pull out any larvae. I checked on the larvae earlier today and
  2. I'm hoping to eventually breed the rhinos, but they're still very teensy so I have a long time to wait, haha. One of them is looking like it might molt soon, though, so we're on the way! I've lost a few of the larvae since I pulled them, but the ones that made it are growing quickly! I saw the post about the breeding, it's awesome that it can be done! Probably a bit more involved than I have the time for, though, as much as I'd love to do it. I'm hoping for one or two blues at some point out of sheer luck, haha. You've got a pretty nice collection yourself! Let me know if you ever hav
  3. I'd never have thought I'd have roaches as pets, haha, but the rhinos don't really look like roaches unless you're looking at their underside. And they're nice and slow! (The fast roaches, like the ones I occasionally find in my apartment, are immediately evicted.) I got three of the M. punctulatus, and all three molted this week. They're getting huge! I don't have much in the way of wood/leaves around here either (woo, desert life!), so I've been getting my substrates from Peter. I've got a bunch of darklings in there and I'm not 100% sure what all of them are, but in addition to the
  4. Hi! I think I'm gonna be spending a lot of time here so I figured I'd better introduce myself! I've been interested in bugs for quite a while, but I've only recently started expanding my collection and trying to raise larvae. Currently I've got a tank full of assorted darklings and velvet ants, although the majority are blue death-feigning beetles. I also have a giant millipede, a wolf spider (currently carting around an egg sac), cave crickets, flower beetles, and a pair of rhino roaches. I'm also making my first attempt at raising larvae with M. punctulatus, D. tityus, and some more flower b
  5. Those are gorgeous beetles! I hope you have success with the larvae!
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