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  1. Inbreeding isn't usually a problem with insects, but you could certainly get stock from different suppliers. Captive-bred/wild-caught shouldn't matter but you can ask a supplier which they are if it isn't specified. I usually remove larvae and eggs when I notice larvae in the tank. It probably isn't necessary, but I have my beetles in a small tank so I remove larvae just to ensure that they have enough room to roam around and pupate. In a 5 or 10 gallon with deeper sub this would probably be unnecessary. Not sure about cannibalism although they are supposed to be pretty communal. At L3 the
  2. They're a great beetle to start with, one of the first that I got. Orin McMonigle's book on beetles is a great resource with a section on flower beetles but I wouldn't say its necessary to keep these guys. Definitely informative if you want to keep a few different kinds of beetles though! I'm not sure on lifespan in general but mine have been going for months and are on their second round of egg-laying. I have a handful in a small tank (about 2.5 gallons, I guess?) and you could easily have many more in a 5 or ten gallon. They're very communal and are always feeding together, sex doesn't s
  3. 100% hardwood sub from BugsInCyberspace, with a little bit of crushed leaves added. Room temp, although it's been getting hot down here in AZ so my room temp is probably higher than most. They did take AGES to pupate. The larvae sat around in their pupal cells for months, but when they finally got down to business they turned into beetles within a couple of weeks.
  4. Not the greatest photo from my phone but I was too excited to get the good photos off of my other camera. This is the first of my C. gloriosa to emerge! I knew it was on its way because the pupal cell was full of dirt, and a few hours later there it was sitting at the top of the container. I've got three more waiting to come up, one of which looks like it might have had an issue with its elytra, and one that may or may not have made it -- it was the first to build a pupal cell but the last to actually pupate, and it hasn't emerged as a beetle yet. This little one, though, is perfect as ca
  5. No bites or pinches from my larvae (yet), but I got a good nip from a big female death-feigning beetle the other day. Surprised me, I've never had one of those try to take a chomp at me before!
  6. Oh boy. I'm definitely still interested in getting a starter colony, so keep us updated!
  7. I think he's fine. Larvae will travel around their containers and randomly rest wherever they happen to be. Sometimes I'll have a larvae just crawling around on the surface for a while before digging back under. Not sure if it's the lighting, but that one is looking rather yellow and may be getting ready to pupate.
  8. Even after all the time I've spent taking care of interesting inverts I think my favorite is still my blue death-feigning beetles. They're so active and so much fun to watch.
  9. Is it? Because I live here and I have never seen one, haha. Are there particular spots you know of that are good for finding them?
  10. Lord, I hadn't even thought about them chewing through it. But I suppose if they can eat a cactus they can probably chew through netting pretty easily if they wanted to.
  11. Has anyone kept cactus beetles (Moneilema gigas)? I know I can find them in my area, but providing a proper environment would be the tricky part, as any larvae would need a rooted prickly pear cactus to feed on, which would probably not grow too well in an enclosed glass terrarium. Maybe with a UV light overtop? Finding a tank tall enough to manage a growing cactus would be a pain. I'm thinking I could hack up a plastic trash can or storage box on a few sides and rig it up with netting, so the cactus would be able to grow, and the beetles wouldn't escape. Am I overthinking this? Any advic
  12. Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I'll be able to find some, or at least one!
  13. Madera Canyon will be your best bet to find any variety of Chrysina.
  14. I'll be looking in a few places around that area. Was hoping someone might have a trail or park to suggest but it seems like I'll just be guessing and hoping for the best!
  15. I'll be driving through Texas this summer, and I would love to track down some of these beetles. From everything I can find online, they're mostly found around the Austin area, with College Station mentioned as a good location. Oak and pecan trees are mentioned as prime habitat. Anybody here from the area who could give me some tips on where to find them? My plan is to just poke around some wooded areas and hope for the best, but any tips on the best places to look would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Holy cow, that's a lot of beetles! I think they're adorable (I'm a sucker for goofy little round beetles) and would love to get a starter set whenever you start selling them.
  17. That's good to know, thank you! Still just larvae when I checked this morning. The one that looks closest to pupating turned over. I'm so impatient, LOL.
  18. Thank you, this is really helpful info! I've seen the little caves they dig out, and these appear to be actual pupal cells. (I see the dark ring on two of them, the other two are a little messier with more loose dirt in the way and so I'm not entirely sure about those.) Glad to know they're going to sit around for a while, so I won't worry too much. One of them looks like it might pupate soon, it's shrunken up a bit and looks more yellowish than the others. Fingers crossed!
  19. Those "Ew, I would squish it!" people piss me off. Next time someone tries it on me I think I'll tell them I'm going to come to their house and kick their dog. Maybe they'll catch on that it's rude to tell people you would hurt their pets.
  20. Right there with you! I love talking about my pet bugs. Sometimes my coworkers/friends ask about them, and some of them are legitimately interested, but more often they seem to ask in a "Ew, what sort of weird crap do you have now?" kind of way. Particularly when it comes to things like roaches or spiders. It's disappointing that so many people seem to have no interest in all of the fascinating insects that we share the world with.
  21. I have them in clear tupperware containers. They've dug out little holes in the substrate at the bottom up against the side of the container, so I can see the larvae in there. They aren't eating, but presumably since they made the chambers they're going to pupate ... eventually ...
  22. Does anyone know how long it takes for C. gloriosa to pupate after making a pupal chamber? I've got three larvae that have all dug out chambers (one that hasn't yet) at the bottom of their containers, but it's been about a week and the larvae are just kind of chilling out in there. Not sure how long to expect them to stay like that. Thanks!
  23. Yep, basically just put them in suitable substrate and watch for the beetles to emerge! I didn't notice mine turning yellowish, but I wasn't checking on them too often and they seemed to stay in the middle of the container instead of roaming around the sides where I could see them. Those were the last photos I took before they pupated, probably about three or four weeks before they made the pupal cells.
  24. Found the pics. I'd say the larvae were about an inch, maybe a bit more. They'll make these pupal cells in the substrate, and then chew their way out and you'll find the beetle on the surface. It'll be a greenish black immediately after it emerges, but once it dries out in the air it will turn yellow.
  25. I've got a picture somewhere of my larvae shortly before they pupated, I'll see if I can find it so you can have an idea of the size. Mine pupated for a couple of weeks, although I'm not sure exactly how long it was since I wasn't checking on them too often. A month or less for pupation, I think. The substrate should be moist but not wet. (Squeeze it in your hand and if it clumps a bit but doesn't drip, that's good.) You can give them apple or dog kibble as a supplement but the only thing I gave mine was the leaflitter mix from BIC and they did just fine.
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