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  1. Extremely informative as always, thanks so much! But yeah wow, he was just kinda sitting there like that, with it totally out and unfurled. It was much, much longer, but I snapped it when I was trying to pull it out because I thought it was simply a hair stuck in his parameres. Does it typically eject so cleanly and fully upon death???
  2. Yes, Lucanus Elaphus. I am not sure when he became active, I received him and a female in May but the female was extremely lethargic and died shortly thereafter. I have heard about them expending a lot of their energy to mate and fly, so I kept him alone in a big container with branches and shredded white rot. Perhaps it was just his time, I can accept that. I was just really shocked to see the... attachment.
  3. A few years back there was a woman on here who brought her Dorcus sp. (I think it was a Dorcus?) through customs under the premise that it was a pet and not for breeding. I think she had a kickstarter for plushies based on him, probably because it was a ridiculous process and she wanted to memorialize him lol. I think she has an account?
  4. @Goliathus Oh, I should mention that the lad has already passed away. I had noticed that he expired, and upon lifting him out of his enclosure to begin the preservation process, the string became noticeable.
  5. No, the beetle had not mated within the past 3 weeks actually, but he lived with a female before that. Are spermatophore filaments, like, hard to pull? I tried pulling at it, it was tougher than a hair and wouldnt break or come out.
  6. It looked as if it was trembling like a flower, David Bowie style, but that could have just been my unsteady hand lolz. The curly-ness of it was inconsistent, if that makes sense? It was also a solid cream color. @JKim your thoughts, sir?
  7. Also, how do you embed an image on here?
  8. https://i.imgur.com/wtNOvDM.jpg Is it demonic? A parasite? Or is it just his pee pee string? ... Do beetles have pee pee strings?
  9. Ugh I love him Clearly this is a heracr- I mean, trypoxylus dichotomus! Lovely horn!
  10. I always find them basking on logs where its really bright, usually in a clearing next to a stream on sunny days. We have a wildflower reserve in my town that is quite literally crawling with them. Low tech method: I usually open a sandwich bag and put some taffy or jolly rancher in it, then place it on a log where there is observed hunting activity; these guys all tend to be in the same area hunting. Some will fly away initially, but little flies will be attracted to the bag, which is their prey. I usually come back to like at least 3 or 4 inside the bag (its much warmer in there + the food), and then I just seal it before they can exit. Works everytime, sometimes I dont even need the candy or flies, they bite down on the baggie and I just pick them off and throw em in. Either that, or I just catch em with my hands lol
  11. Thanks so much, can't wait for the spring! *sun emoji*
  12. Greetings all! Lu from PA here! I've always had an interest in athropods and reptiles, even as a small child. Ive raised bearded dragons, tomato hawkmoths, and various Saturniids, and I've been pinning insect specimens for a long time as an outlet for creativity. Now I think I am ready to try my hand at breeding beetles! I am here to learn more about the rearing process of these creatures, and purchase some new beetle buddies, preferably of the Scarabaeinae, Dynistidae, and Cetoniinae varieties. Looking forward to meeting other people and making some human friends too! :^}
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