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  1. Man those look great. If those are 5oz then I guess my containers do look larger than 10oz. I came up with the 10oz by taking measurments and using a volume calculator. None of mine are mixing the clay with the flake soil from what I can see. Out of the 80 how many are you expecting to fail pupation?
  2. Just thinking out of the box here...... if you do not have any spare flake soil could you just thicken the clay layer at the bottom until your flake soil reached the top? I imagine thickening the clay layer should not make a difference because I am sure in the wild the clay layer is extremely thick. What do you think Goliathus?
  3. This is what I put together. These are 10 oz containers. Bottom is lined with moist clay. Containers filled over the top and then compressed with the lid to create a suction effect like you said. I moistened the substrate quite a bit since it seemed very dry based on your instructions. Since I was switching containers I went ahead and weighed all of them to see if there has been growth in the past week. Almost all of the Woodii gained nice weight. The gloriosa did not gain much. The substrate in the gloriosa container was much drier. Here are the weight gains along with photos of the new conta
  4. When you say long diapause how long are we talking? Several months? Will this occur even if they are kept indoors at normal room temperature (71-74 degrees)?
  5. Very good information. I am going to work on matching the description of those requirements right now. Thanks for the help.
  6. One more thing. I have 9 different containers of all sizes and 12 total Chrysina larvae. Each container is slightly different when it comes to humidity but all have flake soil. Two containers have clay with flak soil on top and the rest have just flake soil. Almost all larvae are L3 and there is wondering tracks in every single container.
  7. Not trying to hijack the thread, but here is my container for one larvae (gloriosa). Substrate is slightly moist enough to hold shape. But not wet enough to show humidity on the lid of the container. I don't have exact dimensions so the pen is for scale. Wondering has occurred the past two or three weeks. I do have some woodii in container about twice this size with a clay bottom. Due to the wet clay the flake soil is quite wet with humidity spots on the lid. They also seem to wonder quite a bit. Examining woodii and gloriosas natural habitat from my understanding is a pretty dry are
  8. I see. I think I may give that a shot this weekend as well.
  9. Any changes with yours? Mine continue to bounce from the top to the bottom. I can not figure it out. They seem healthy and are eating alot.
  10. I have woodii and gloriosa and they both are doing the same thing. Making paths all around the containers. I think they may just be wanderers, but I dont know the answer for sure.
  11. Man I thought this was recent until I saw the date. I have a female, seems very rare to find in my area so I doubt I will find a male. I thought I was going to be able to pair but saw this is old! Too bad!
  12. Purchased from USBeetles.com They are really great to deal with.
  13. Pretty cool you have the woodii species. I think out of all the Chrysina those are my favorite. I plan to take a trip soon to West Texas specifically in attempts after these guys. One thing I am not sure on is I know in nature adult woodii prefer black walnut tree leaves, but I guess they will do fine on oak leaves as adults?
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