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  1. I recently received 5 Omorgus texanus and I was wondering if anyone had advice on breeding them. They're currently in a 32 oz delicup with some dry coconut fiber on top of moist compost, I've included a thawed mouse for them to eat for now. I am leaving some more mice outside to dry as I read they fed on dried out carrion.
  2. I think they lay their eggs on plant roots.
  3. Is there anyway to sex the waterscorpion laccotrephes japonensis? I have 2 and one is bigger than the other does that mean anything?
  4. I know that eophileurus chinensis lives in korea but are there any other phileurini.
  5. They need to be fed cracked bird seed scattered on top of the substrate right?
  6. Do the larvae need anything special, what temps do I keep them at, and how can I heat their cage?
  7. Do the larvae need anything special, or do you keep them like normal rhino beetle grubs?
  8. Do they need a specific temperature range, and do they need to hibernate to breed?
  9. Could I use something instead of bess beetle pupae, like mealworm or superworm pupae, and what was the substrate you collected made of?
  10. I would like to know how to care for them, since I am going to be receiving them soon.
  11. Andy365


    Hello my name is Andrew and I'm from Washington, other than beetles I'm interested in true bugs, crickets and grasshoppers, and salamanders. My favorite beetles is Phileurus truncatus, and Prionotheca coronata.
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