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  1. Hey Straight Up & Honest I'm Just Way To Lazy To Re-Upload All The Pics LOL So Check Out http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?278667-Vietnamese-Pede-Eating-Pics-4-Da-Fun-Of-It&p=2415447#post2415447 For Some Cool Pics PEACE...
  2. Have you tried feeding them any veggie scraps I was mainly feeding them on zuchinni & pre killed meal worms
  3. Hey How Are They Doing??? I don't think they hiss at least not like a hisser But what do I know??? I've heard people say they make a chirping sound But can't say that I've ever heard one chirp hiss or make any sounds ??? Hope All Is Well Eric
  4. Thanx Pretty much what I figured But they are cool looking
  5. Hey The size Flemish get is gnarly Was looking to get one on a few years ago But had no luck finding one locally But lately I've seen a few listed on CL & Was considering getting a baby one I have a big yard & garden year round So it would have a lot of space to run around & all kinds of fresh veggies to munch on Can I ask if they're Playful for a lack of a better term Like I had a duck (lost him to a raccoon) that wouldn't leave me alone / LOL He just fallowed me around all over the place & love to play & fight Like as soon as he saw the light go on in my TV room he was right behind the sliding glass door pecking on it 'Cause he wanted to come in a kick it As soon as I let him in he was straight on the bed & Would spend hours kicking with me or sleeping on my chest I miss the little pain in the @$$ Also had a baby ghetto pigeon I found in the gutter under a freeway over pass that I raised (lost it to a hawk) That would follow me all over the place & was constantly on me I could toss it in the air & it would fly like 4 5 houses down I'd turn around & it would be right back on my head & Rats that were also like that Are Flemish Anything Like That??? If you were to spend the time with them & constantly handle them & what not I've never owned a rabbit But have known people who have Even though they could pick them up & pet them & what not They seemed to be skittish & not really what I would call friendly Like if you walked in the yard they didn't run up to you or fallow you around & they seemed like they'd rather be left alone then played with Not sure if that's because of how they were raised or if rabbits are just like that 'Cause I want something that Wants to hang out with me & Not just tolerate me because it doesn't have a choice Would Rather Ask Some One Who's Had One For 7 Years Then Some One Who's Trying To Sell Me One / Make a Buck Thanx...
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