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  1. 2021 update. Did some 250w MV and 40w uv tonight in Payson. Two male and one female grants showed up. Temps are a little cool, around 64 degrees. I thought with all the recent rain, that things would be more active. We’ll see what shows up tomorrow.
  2. Trustworthy seller, thank you!

  3. Thank you for the beetles that were sent to me. All larvae are alive and accounted for. Shipping was pretty fast and packaging was good. Box got beat up a bit during the trip like most packages do but at least the larvae were unharmed

  4. Great directions! Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks. They’re are L2/L3. What about ice packs at this time of year?
  6. I have quite a few granti larvae to sell as they are eating me out of flake soil way too fast. I want to ship them safely. What do you all recommend for individual containers, as well as keeping cool during priority shipping?
  7. @JKim fantastic write up! @Dynastes_Tityus_hunter If price doesn’t matter, or the DIY route seems confusing, check out the manufactured MV (not MH) unit from Bioquip: https://bioquipinc.com/catalog/collecting-equipment-supplies/night-collecting-equipment/250-watt-mercury-vapor-light/
  8. Are your sleeperi from recent captures. I was thinking about heading out to the dunes sometime in September. Are you rearing on beetle flake soil? I just find it fascinating that the larvae can find any food in that area of the desert.
  9. will you be selling or trading any grants? I have Strategus antaeus pairs and they look like cute little triceratops. Collection data available. I'd love to get some grants for myself. Thanks

  10. I was in Payson. I set up off a dirt road about a mile north of the Home Depot. I was hoping to just find one or two granti over Friday and Saturday nights. I had no clue they were so plentiful. The problem with the MV turn out to be a loose connection in the porcelain socket wiring. Thats now fixed and won't happen again! Thats the problems of a DIY setup. Other than that issue, I'm impressed how it worked overall. I did find it interesting that I needed to constantly monitor the perimeter for about 25 feet with a flashlight. Many of the moths and beetles landed in that area and didn't land on the sheet.
  11. Only got 45 minutes tonight from 7:45 to 8:30 before the wind picked up and the MV stopped working for some reason. Sheet was flapping all over. The night was looking promising too with 3.1 granti, 2.1 gloriosa, a ten lined june beetle, and probably 75 thestalus.
  12. Mercury vapor worked quite well last night. I was only out from about 8-10pm. D. granti 2m/8f, 1 gloriosa and hundreds of X. thestalus, masses of small moths, some sphinx and other larger moths, grasshoppers, and a praying mantis. It was a nice first time out with MV. Home Depot had masses of thestalus too, but didn't hang out long enough to if anything else showed up. Going to setup one more time tonightbto see if anything else shows up. I'll update later.
  13. I'm planning on heading out next weekend. I do have a 250w MV set up that I plan to set up on some forest roads. Are the pine or juniper areas typically better for Dynastes, and vice versa for Chrysina? Does proximate to creeks change anything? Thanks in advance for any tips! Just wishing the thunderheads would build up. I see southern Arizona finally got some good storms today, but of course, I've already booked the Payson area...
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