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  1. Stag Beetles of China I by Huang Hao & Chen Chang Chin This is a monograph to study Lucanus,Eolucanus and Noseolucanus in China Stag Beetles of China II by Huang Hao & Chen Chang Chin very nice book, in English
  2. Contribution to the Fauna of Longhorn Beetles in the Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve (English version) by Andreas Weigel & Ling-Zeng Meng, 2013 A total of 459 species belonging to 4 subfamilies of Cerambycidae and Disteniidae (1 species) were identified., including 96 species only identified into generic level. A total of 53 species were recorded from China for the first time in Lobl & Smetana (2010)'s Catalogue of Palaeartic Coleoptera: Vol. 6, based on specimens from our project from NRWNNR by A. Weigel. Another 60 species are recorded from China for the first time in this book. Among them, 8 genera are newly recorded from China.
  3. 1. The Carrion Beetles of China 中华葬甲 Ji Yun , 2012 2. Colored Pictorial Handbook of Ladybird Beetles in China 中国瓢虫原色图鉴 Ren Shunxiang, 2009 3. Iconography of Chinese Longicorn Beetles (1406 Species) in Color 中国天牛(1406种)彩色图鉴, Hua Lizhong, 2009 4. Color Atlas of Liaoning Beetles 辽宁甲虫原色图鉴 Wang xiaoqi, 2012 5. The Chrysomelidae of Taiwan(1) 台湾产金花虫科图志(1)Chi-Feng Lee, 2007 6. The Chrysomelidae of Taiwan (2) 台湾产金花虫科图志(2) Chi-Feng Lee, 2000 7. Insect Fauna of Henan Coleoptera (1) 河南昆蟲志 鞘翅目 (一) Zhu Changqing et al., 1999 8. Fauna of Insects in Fujian Province of China (Vol.6) 福建昆蟲志 (第六卷) Huang Peikan , 2002 9. Biological Characteristics And Prevention Technology of the Main Slack Skin Bark Beetle in the Northeast China 中国东北地区主要松皮小蠹生物学特性及防治技术 Gao Changqi, 2011 10. The Fire Flies in Silaya National Scenic Area 螢在西拉雅 Silaya National Park Administration Institute, 2012 11. Quarantine and Identification of Bostrichidae ( Coleoptera ) 长蠹科害虫检疫鉴定 Chen Zhilin, 2011 12. A Photographic Guide to Hong Kong beetles (1) Vor Yiu, 2011 13. Advances in Coleoptera Research in China(1) China Scientific Book Services, 2012 14. The Secret Life of Beetles 甲蟲放大鏡 Yang Weisheng, 2008 15. A Field Guide to Beetles in Taiwan (2 Volumes) 台灣甲蟲生態大圖鑑 Yang Weisheng , 2008 16. The Family Silphidae of Northeast China 中国东北的葬甲科研究 Li Jingke, 2011 17. Fauna of Soil Darkling Beetles in China (vol.1) Opatriformes (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) 中國土壤擬步甲志(第一卷)土甲類 Ren Guodong, 2006 18. Fauna of Soil Darkling Beetles in China (Vol. 2) Tentyriforms (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Epitragini Leptodini Akidini Tentyriini 中国土壤拟步甲志(第二卷)鳖甲类 Ren Guodong, 2010 19. The Coccinellidae of Taiwan 台湾瓢虫图鉴 Yu Guoyue, 2011 20. Chinese Lady Beetles (The Subfamily Coccinellinae) 中国瓢虫亚科图志 Yu Guoyue, 2000 21. The Coccinellidae of Yunnan 雲南瓢蟲志 1992 22. Guidebook to Lady Beetles of Taiwan 台湾瓢虫彩色图鉴 Guo Yueyu and Hsiau Yue Wang, 1999 23. Longhorn Beetles of Yunnan 云南天牛 Li Lisha , 2009 24. Longhorn Beetles of Hong Kong 香港天牛(香港昆蟲誌第一冊) Yiu Vor , 2009 25. Colored Illustrations of Longicorn Beetles of Taiwan 台湾天牛图鉴 Zhou Wenyi, 2008 26. The Longicorn Beetles of Hainan Guangdong 海南广东的天牛 Lizhong Hua Hajime Nara Chingkin Yu , 1993 27. Coloured Illustrations of Longhorned Beetles in Mongolian Plateau 蒙古高原天牛彩色图谱 Xu Pei En, 2007 28. Longicorn Beetles Fauna of Shandong Province, China 山東天牛志 Qi Chengjing, 1999 29. Longicorn Beetles Fauna of Xinjiang 新疆天牛圖志 Lu Shui-Tian et al, 1993 30. The Colour Illustrated of Common Lamellicornia Beetles of Northern China 中國北方常見金龜子彩色圖鑑 Liu Guangrui et al , 1997 31. Atlas of Beetles Associated with Stored Products 储藏物甲虫彩色图鉴 Zhang Shengfang, 2008 32. Identification of Beetles Associated with Stored Products 儲藏物甲蟲鑒定 Zhang Shengfang, 2004
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