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  1. I have the same kind of beetles. I think one that was on top was more looking to mate then fight. Just my opinion.
  2. How would you tell a male and female apart of the E. Armatas. And thank you for letting me know. I think my other ones are Elodes, and the Elodes seem to be mating with the E. Armatas. Not sure if anything happens for breeding. I am really surprised on how big the E. Armatas get. As long as I don't provoke them to shoot a smell at me, they are ok.
  3. That is awesome. I had a total of 7 E. Armatas from 12 larvae. I found that they do better in about 3 to 4 inches of lightly moist sand/cocofiber mix. On average it took 6 weeks from when I placed them in isolation cups. The reason I do this, is I noticed when I had 2 or more larvae in a cup, they will eat each other when one tries to go into the pupae stage. It sure is rewarding to have success. I received my original E. Armatas from 2 different sources. I noticed on some that they have a spike on there legs, and some don't. Is that common, or is that 2 different species? Thank you.
  4. Sorry, but I think we are talking two different things. When I was talking tracking, it was only visual. You are thinking of high tech tracking and computer chip. I like your thinking, but I was just thinking of only a sticker with a little number. Nothing fancy. My tank is 55 gallons , so it is not that big. After looking into it, I really don't think much will stick to them over time. But thanks for your thoughts.
  5. I wanted to track my beetles I have in my tanks , I have about 30 armatas and some BDB I want to track and keep a record of.
  6. I talked to the lady that used glue, and she told me that they ended up falling off. Thanks for all your comments. I'll give some a try.
  7. I want to keep track of certain beetles, do they make a safe tracking system like a very very little sticker or something to place on beetles like the BDB and Armatas? Or do you recommend something else for tracking?
  8. Success, 5 weeks later I just had an Armata Desert Beetle emerge from pupation. I had about 14 containers, 3 larvae died, and not sure about the rest so far. But super happy. The one that did emerge had substrate of sand and cocofiber, and in a container that held a touch of moisture to make sure the substrate did not collapse. All kept in the dark and about 72 or 73 degrees. The new beetle had so much energy. I am going to keep this one and others in a separate container and keep track of life span, and try to breed just from them. I will try to make a video of my experience to share.
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