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    Prioninae of the world
    Tribes: Callipogonini, Macrodontini, Mallaspini, and so on

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  1. Very nice! Alive Petrognatha gigas?? Are they from Togo? Very interesting Joon
  2. I received two prioninae from the central California. They seemed to be Tragosoma sp. As shown in the pictures, their elytra pattern or shape is different. Any idea what species they are?
  3. It's probably orthosoma or prionus sp.
  4. It seems like everyone is interested in dynastidae or lucanidae Here's my prioninae +70MM from Solomon Islands and Dynastes hercules lichyi +154MM from Ecuador.
  5. Callipogon relictus from Far East Russia. Charismatic!
  6. Hi Dan, there are many interesting longhorn beetles living in California. Let me know when you see one. Greetings from Florida, Kim
  7. I am more into cerambycidae. These are few of my favorite prioninae from Latin/South America Left: Macrodontia crenata +90mm from Peru Middle: Macrodontia castroi 98~100mm from Honduras Right: Macrodontia dejeani +110mm from Colombia Callipogon lemonei 78mm from Colombia
  8. Hey guys, I am new to this forum. Just call me Kim I am from South Florida, near Miami. I collect cerambyicdae of the world. I am more into collecting dried specimen. Let me know if you have a cool longhorn beetle. But I am also rearing and breeding dynastidae like dynastes and strategus. Cheers, Kim
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