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  1. Ok . . . . . . . tickets have been bought and I will be going to Tokyo, Japan leaving November 30!!!!!!


    Orin, well it seems I will have to visit some department stores while in Tokyo. lol I would love to write an article for IM with plenty of photos! I just need to make sure I have enough places (and beetles) to photograph. If you know of any people who have visited Tokyo, please ask them to reply to this post!

    Kabutootaku11, Ok, I guess I will add flower shops to the beetle location list! Did you find beetles for sale any where else?

    nurunuru, Garden centers too huh? (adds to list) But wow, thank you for that wonderful website with all those insect shops! That was very helpful! Have you been to any of them?


    Everyone else, please add a Beetle location if you know one, I will bring back LOTS of pictures to share!!!!

    The rest of the trip will consist of seeing the Cirque Du Soleil show ZED (it is closing forever) and going to DisneySea. Also lots of sight seeing!

    I will post updates so keep an eye out!

  2. YES! I totally saw it, thanks for remembering!

    I have recently been scanning through all the magazines (and as you know, I have every one of them since you started making them) looking up all the beetle stuff. Just looking for 2 or 3 easy species to start with. And something that has few or no mites. That is what got me out of keeping the beetles, MITES! I dont know what it was, they just freaked me out. I had luck with several species of darkling beetles staying mite free and breeding well, so I figure I would try those again and maybe some other non-darkling species. I already have your beetle books on my Christmas list!

  3. I am new to this forum, but not new to bugs. You can find me on the Mantis forum, Roach forum and Arachnoboards under the name "Acro". I have more than 10 years of experience keeping, breeding and shipping bugs. Anyway, I am here now. Woo! (and its about time) Chat to you all later. :)

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