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  1. Ok . . . . . . . tickets have been bought and I will be going to Tokyo, Japan leaving November 30!!!!!! Orin, well it seems I will have to visit some department stores while in Tokyo. lol I would love to write an article for IM with plenty of photos! I just need to make sure I have enough places (and beetles) to photograph. If you know of any people who have visited Tokyo, please ask them to reply to this post! Kabutootaku11, Ok, I guess I will add flower shops to the beetle location list! Did you find beetles for sale any where else? nurunuru, Garden centers too huh? (adds to list) But
  2. YES! I totally saw it, thanks for remembering! I have recently been scanning through all the magazines (and as you know, I have every one of them since you started making them) looking up all the beetle stuff. Just looking for 2 or 3 easy species to start with. And something that has few or no mites. That is what got me out of keeping the beetles, MITES! I dont know what it was, they just freaked me out. I had luck with several species of darkling beetles staying mite free and breeding well, so I figure I would try those again and maybe some other non-darkling species. I already have
  3. Thanks! Nope, no beetles currently. When I first got into keeping bugs I had all sorts of beetles. Been thinking of getting back into them though, just with some easy species. And that is why I finally decided to join here.
  4. I am new to this forum, but not new to bugs. You can find me on the Mantis forum, Roach forum and Arachnoboards under the name "Acro". I have more than 10 years of experience keeping, breeding and shipping bugs. Anyway, I am here now. Woo! (and its about time) Chat to you all later.
  5. I will be in Tokyo Japan (near the Tokyo Disney area) at the end of December. I would love to visit some beetle places while I am there. Are there any cool exhibits, zoos, parks or places to buy beetles to check out? I would bring back lots of pictures of course! (legally, what else could I bring back?)
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