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  1. Gymnetis caseyi is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the correction and the info Lucanus!
  2. After Gymnetis flavomarginata becomes an adult in the pupa cell, how long does it take for them to emerge?
  3. I used to have a business doing educational bug shows for schools, birthday parties and other special events. I would always bring bug books and throw in a pitch to encourage kids to read. Tell them that one reason I was so knowledgeable about bugs was because of reading. Teachers loved it and the cool thing was, that it was true. So . . . if you can cover shipping I would be glad to send you a few bug books that I don't use often. They are field guides and such. Field guides are gems for learning about natural habitats food and life styles of inverts.
  4. That is a beautiful setup! Good job on making a functional and attractive tank!
  5. Are these kept like Cotinis nitida? If not, how does their care differ? Any one keeping them?
  6. LarvaHunter, That website has some beautiful beetle photos! Such amazing animals! I couldn't find the pic you were referring to, but I get the idea. Bill Myers, Thanks! Darklings are better suited for an elaborate terrarium design (and I do plan on getting some darklings). I imagine it would be hard to find larvae and pupa with the plants (always having to dig them up). Then again, not many people are breeding death feigning beetles. I'll be getting some eleodes. stevedynastes, You reminded me, I had thought of using some MagNaturals in the enclosure to give the beetles so
  7. That is exactly what I was thinking of. It would be simple but good looking and functional. An aquarium with a layer of substrate on the bottom, leaf litter on top of that, upright cork bark rounds ( http://avoision.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/vintageBazaarAragon_2012-06-10_46.jpg ) stuffed with substrate and the base buried, a few split cork rounds laying on their side (acting as shelter for adults). Some cork pieces have beautiful lichens growing on them. They may eventually be torn off, but it would only add to the substrate. Shade of Eclipse, can you point out any photos o
  8. I've seen many functional beetle/larvae setups, but very few beautiful ones. Are there any photos online that show beautiful and functional beetle/larvae enclosures? If not, any suggestions on how to set one up?
  9. About 14+ years ago I kept several species of beetles (one of my first invert pets). I had a crazy mite outbreak that freaked me out and I ended up rehoming all my beetles. At that time, I really didn't know how to get rid of mites. Since then, I've kept almost every other type of invert but beetles, yet I've always loved them. Finally, I am about to try beetles again and I will have some by next month for my birthday (a gift to myself). I'm only going to keep 2 or 3 species of easy beetles, till I get the hang of it and have no mite outbreaks. So hardshell, my point is, sometimes it'
  10. That is such an amazing idea! Good job on the creative thinking!
  11. Besides raising them on 80% leaves, is their care the same as Dynastes tityus? What do you think about feeding larvae avocado wood, could be of use?
  12. Is the care for Dynastes hyllus much different from Dynastes tityus? Would a diet of avocado wood be beneficial to them? (I've read that they are often found with avocado trees)
  13. Have you found beetle jelly at Asian grocery stores? Or were you able to order some from them? That would be most interesting!
  14. I would like to keep beetles again (after 15+ years of not keeping any) and try breeding something easy. Also, I want to (finally, after about 3 years) write about my Japanese beetle store visit, for this website and for an Elytra and Antenna magazine article. It was such an amazing experience (Japan itself and the beetle store)!
  15. I have two 55 gallon tanks (fancy goldfish), no photos yet as they are being rescaped. But why don't you get this thread going tert100? Let's see what you got, post up!
  16. Beautiful fish! I hear that normally they are easy to breed. Can you post up a video of them actually swimming around? Any idea if they work well with live plants?
  17. When I first got into keeping inverts, I kept beetles. They acquired mites (the tiny ones that look like sand) and that freaked me out. I got rid of them all and started keeping other inverts. Well it's been about 16 years (give or take) of invert keeping and I have yet to keep another beetle. I've gained a lot of experience and I've kept many different types of inverts. Now, I want to try beetles again, this time I'm going in slow and easy. So, can you suggest a few good beetles? I am looking for something that: *will not be covered in mites! *is readily available *has simp
  18. I am back, and safe. I've been back for a bit, but it takes time to get into the swing of things, you know how it is. Soon I will give the low down of my amazing trip! I was only able to find one beetle store, but it was wonderful! nurunuru, yeah I did figure out that the beetle fair was way too far away. As for sushi, I've only just got into sushi so I kept it safe. I stuck to salmon and shrimp, but I did try two types that I didn't know what they were. I still don't know what I ate. However, besides sushi, I had some amazing food! I will even post some of the food pics when I ge
  19. Only a few more days untill I leave for Tokyo! I am flying out November 30! I looked at that 'Black Out' beetle fair webpage that nurunuru posted, and I think they have a fair during December 4 and if that is true, I may check it out, if it's close. The dates are listed near the bottom in white. None of it is in English but, by the numbers, I am making an educated guess. Have a look and tell me what ya think. Besides that, if anyone else has beetle locations please post them and Thanks again!
  20. Oh, I know what pictures you are talking about! I am sure there will be many other amazing animals besides beetles. I will be taking pictures of everything. However....I can still use help finding more beetle (and other insect/bug) locations! I know some of you have lived or visited Tokyo, please add to this post!
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