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  1. You must have named him Fabio?
  2. Well, I actually ordered a h. Parviceps adult. I swear this is my last one though!!! And I think my bud wing is about to molt to L4.
  3. I've actually been perusing the mantidforum sister site, and have found quite a bit of information. I plan on starting with the budwing and take it from there. Have an L3 nymph coming . The Creobroters are small right? The ghosts look cool, and I thoughthe shields looked cool too. Maybe I'll try them if the budwing isn't too much.
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering if there are some mantises that have a decent life span and are not tough to take care of. I see Peter has some on his site, would just like some general info on these guys. Thanks!
  5. I'm going to have to say the d. Tityus.
  6. Almost got my hands on a pair of larvae. I think these beetles are so cool. Would love to get my hands on some.
  7. Ok, a few have hatched,and I noticed they are a little aggressive with my fingers... I was digging in the substrate to see how many survived, and two of them tried to bite me Cute little devils. The dad is still alive as well, but the mother has passed on.
  8. Thanks. At least one has hatched so far, and he's eating like a champ.
  9. Finally, after 3 pairs of Tityus I finally got 10 eggs. They were in coconut fiber too, which I thought was weird. I've read that the female won't lay eggs unless it's in a substrate that could support them. Time to go collect some wood and leaves
  10. Like Orin said, the body coloring looks more like the Tityus, but the horns are shaped more like the Granti. So maybe it's a hybrid It is possible for them to mate...
  11. This is the actual commercial. Maybe it's a hybrid
  12. I've become a pretty big D Tityus fan, and always loved the allomyrina dichotomus.
  13. Hey Peter, I'm mostly interested in Rhinos, but specifically the d. tityus and the d. granti, though I still haven't had a d.granti yet(and I really want one )I'm basically interested in the beetles I mentioned in my recent posts, such as the Phileurus truncatus, Cotalpa lanigera, or maybe beetles similar to those. I was looking at your death feigning beetle, and they seem pretty interesting. I might pick up some of those in the future. Don't suppose you have any d. granti available?
  14. I guess that's why I never see them, they dont last long enough. Did you ever have them in your collection Orin?
  15. Hello, Apparently there are supposed to be Cotalpa lanigera in my area(Boston MA), but I have never seen one. Anyone here know anything about them? They seem to be gold in color and actually look pretty neat. They are also known as the goldsmith beetle.
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