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  1. Using loam is interesting. I am contemplating a sand-peat-clay mixture, where the peat, of course, would be replacing the silt that is present in the loam. I am not certain, either, that it would be in the 40%-40%-20% ratio of the loam. Seems like there will be some backyard experimenting in my future. 🙂
  2. Hello, All. I have L3 Goliathus goliatus and, of course, my mind is occupied with preparing the proper substrate for the day they go a-wanderin' before cell prep. Karl Meier (http://www.naturalworlds.org/goliathus/manual/Goliathus_breeding_4.htm) has it 60% sand/ 40% peat; however, I know that some use red clay. I would be interested in others' formulae as I am developing mine.
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