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Iphthiminus serratus

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Attempting to breed these beautiful forest Tenebrionids, I assume they'll be similar in terms of husbandry towards Alobates, but seem to have a preference for rotten pine rather than hardwood... The adults also don't seem nearly as picky when it comes to food. So far no eggs or larvae have been sighted yet, I have them on a mix of rotten pine, rotten oak and hardwood flake soil, with pine bark for hides and a few rotted pine needles on top of the substrate. They're being kept humid but very well ventilated. 






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11 hours ago, Ratmosphere said:

I like the appearance of their heads. Really cool species!

Yeah, it's a very interesting species for sure, pretty sure the serrations on the pronotum margins are actually asymmetrical too, rather unusual IMO! 😄

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Well, found larvae in my enclosure, somehow they avoided detection until the largest were nearly half grown though, and I was evidently right in my suspicions that they'd be cannibalistic like the larvae of their close relatives, Coelocnemis, Alobates, etc.... Could only find five larvae in the enclosure, evenly spaced from each other. 🙃 But five larvae is better than no larvae, and I started with five adults, so hopefully I can break even and give the next generation a better go! 







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