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Beetle ID please - shiny small brown scarab

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I just found a new scarab tonight! I'm not sure what it is though. I tried to get the best pictures I could get, but I will also describe it's appearance.


It is brown with light brown round the cheeks of it's face and underbelly. It kinda reminds me of a maybug or a member of the family, though it's wings are hard. It's brown wings have a shiny rainbow appearance like oil. It's small, yet plump, almost looks gravid, about close to half an inch long. 



Kinda looks like a mini cockchafer or a cross between a maybug, an Asiatic garden beetle,  and a Japanese beetle. 


First time I've ever seen one of these. Hope some one can identify it. I did not keep it. I wont have any more pics.

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