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Dyscinetus morator eggs

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For those who do not aware of what Dyscinetus morator looks like:


This is what they look like. This species is very abundant where they occur. As a common morphological characteristics of tribe Cyclocephalini, Male has thicker frontal tarsi while females aren't. That is one quick way to differentiate males and females. I observe them in great number in UV light traps, and even from street lights. The largest number I ever counted was 400 in a single night from a street light. They seem to be more abundant near people where lawn is taken care without any pesticides, probably because they are the lawn pests...😅

I just decided to dump couple pairs into 16oz takeout plastic containers with some substrate, and they laid quite number of eggs. I'm thinking about rearing them and maybe go for couple life cycles to see what it looks like.

Here is an image of eggs:


It was quite interesting to observe several eggs laid in a single spot. This wasn't the only one however. There were couple more other spots with several eggs laid together. I first noticed from outside of a container that I could easily see several eggs cluttered together, so I decided to open up the container to see what's going on. Maybe female just lay whole bunch of eggs in a single spot where it seems to be safe...??

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