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Last Night Collections

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sharing an image of collections from last night.

Two male/female pairs of Dynastes tityus
a lot of Strategus aloeus (some not shown in image).
a single Phileurus truncatus (not shown in image).
a single Pelidnota punctata (not shown in image).
a lot of Cyclocephala lurida (not shown in image).

with many more including Alaus myops, Prionus imbricollis, Tetracha virginica, Actias luna, Automeris io, Parastasia brevipes, Corydalus cornutus, etc.

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1 hour ago, davehuth said:

This looks like the ultimate dream box of assorted candies 😄

I know, right?? This is my first time collecting this many Dynastes tityus in a single night. I've collected 1-3 specimens unto now, but I never collected FOUR in a single night. S. aloeus is pretty common here in a right time. This wasn't new record in quantity-wise for aloeus.

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Wow, nice night! Love those species. Especially A aloeus and P truncatus. For some reason I have had a very difficult time trying to get eggs from S aloeus. One year it went ok, last year I had over 10 females and no eggs at all! I tried all different kinds of substrate but nothing seem to work. Have you bred S aloeus? Any tips? It was very frustrating. Thanks!

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This year seems to be a good year for D. tityus for some reason - collected 5 last Saturday and 7 others between the two previous weekends.

In (I think it was) 2008, we collected over 60 adult S. aloeus in one night! ...have never seen those numbers again though. They seem to like moist and highly compactable substrate for oviposition. I also keep the males in a different container because they seem to disturb the eggs.


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