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Baby rhino roaches!

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On 9/7/2019 at 5:34 PM, arizonablue said:

Some more photos of the growing little roaches! I bothered them to count babies again today - all sixteen are still happy and healthy and most of them look like they're about to molt again. I recently got a photo of one of them barely out of the old exoskeleton. Later this month I'm going to begin transferring the babies to their own container, probably a few at a time to avoid stressing out the mother with a suddenly empty nest. She's been doing such a great job of raising her little ones. :)

Congratulations, happy to see they're all doing fine still! :D

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For a couple of days I thought I'd lost one of the little buggers to a bad molt or something, because I could only find fifteen. Number sixteen must have been well hidden somewhere, because when I removed mama roach today and counted, there they all were! Two are taking their time with the latest molt but look like they might pop out any day now. 

And if anyone is going to be at the Tucson Reptile Expo coming up on October 5-6, these little guys will be available for purchase. PM me for details if you're interested!

roach babies.JPG

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