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Hello from Louisiana

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Hello, all,

I'm currently located in state Louisiana.

I've been a member of this forum until sometime 2011 or 2012, since far before the current web page has restructured (design-wise). I deleted my account because I lost my interest in scarab rearing, and only focused on collections and researches. I'm still working on the researches, but also started to rearing beetles again. I published number of articles and researches in:

(1) Scarabs Newsletter
(2) Southern Lepidopterists' News,
(3) A quarterly Journal of Entomology, and
(4) Be-Kuwa, the popular insect magazine in Japan.

(5) an output of B.S. research project can be found in University of Nebraska State Museum page, at HERE.

I previously had an experience of rearing many U.S. beetles including: Dynastes grantii, Dynastes tityus, Megasoma punctulatus, Phileurus valgus, Strategus aloeus, Strategus antaeus, Pelidnota punctata, Gymnetis caseyi (G. thula now)Lucanus capreolus, Lucanus elaphus, Lucanus mazamaPlatycerus quercus, Sinodendron rugosum, and South Korean species (while I was in South Korea) including: Dorcus hopei hopei, Dorcus titanus castanicolor, Dorcus rectus rectus, Prosopocoilus inclinatus inclinatus, Prismognathus dauricus, Trypoxylus dichotomus when I was in South Korea. I also reared couple of silk moths (when I found female adult moths) and countless number of other insect species.

I currently have Strategus aloeus, Strategus antaeus, Dynastes tityus, Lucanus placidus, Pelidnota punctata. I already gave off some batches of these to friends, so I don't have any for offer right now (except P. punctata), but if you are interested to trade species, hit me up next year.

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