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New Beetle Enthusiast!

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Hello! I am Steve and I love big beetles! I like roaches too, but that is not why I am here. I am new to the beetle keeping hobby. I currently have a pair of Strategus Antaeus, but someday I want to keep and breed D. Tityus. I have always had an interest in beetles and insect keeping, but I could never keep them before.

I have little hands-on experience in keeping beetles and what I do know comes from book and online reading, longing to have my very own beetles. Someday I hope to breed my own and keep a family of Tityus or Grantii if things keep going well for me, (unfortunately, I am in the USA so I cannot keep Japanese beetle species). For now, I have my little rhino beetles.

I am not sure how active this forum is, but I was very excited to see other people who appreciated beetles, as they are not kept in my circle of insect keeping friends.

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Yep, I knew but I just can't keep roaches right now (boyfriend and my roomie are terrified of roaches of all kinds... but they are mostly okay with my beetles). I am introducing them to being more bug tolerant with my beetles, because they both like beetles from cartoons and video games! It's a little easier and I get to enjoy my own beetles too.

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