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Megasoma punctulatus pupae

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I got these kids from Peter what feels like ages ago, but they've finally pupated for me. Started out with 4 and lost two as larvae, but it looks like I got lucky and ended up with one male and one female. Hopefully both manage to make it out of the pupal stage with no problem.

Reasonably certain this one's female:


And this one's male:


Female on left, male on right:


I made artificial chambers for them mostly because I was worried about some of the little worms I saw in their substrate. They were all relatively small ones, so I'm not sure that they would've done any significant damage even over time, but better safe than sorry. I'm a little concerned that the chambers I made might be too big, but I'll check in on them tomorrow and see if they've managed to turn themselves around.




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Congrats! I also got 4 from him, but unfortunately all of them died. Fingers crossed these little ones pull through and breed for you!

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