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Summer collecting advice

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So I have a few questions.

I discovered an area near me with lots of fallen, rotting oak trees. I gathered up a large bag of soil and wood that crumbled apart easily. Is moving this with boiling water enough treatment to make it usable for rhino beetle larvae? 

I am also looking to find some wild D. Tityus larvae in the same area. Has anyone had success with this in the past? What should I do to find them?

My last question is how often should I feed adult beetles? I have some jellies and can get fruit for them as well, I just wasnt sure if they should be fed every day or less often.

Thank you all for your help!

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Yes, and the best way to look for them is to excavate tree holes, I’ve found zero under rotten logs, but quite a few in the holes. Finally, always make sure that the adults have food, they could want to eat at any time.

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