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Beetle Wish List

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These are loosely organized. My favorites are generally towards the top, but I listed things as I thought of them. 

  1. Phalacrognathus muelleri
  2. Mormolyce phyllodes
  3. Goliathus orientalis
  4. Goliathus goliathus
  5. Goliathus cacicus
  6. Chalcosoma atlas
  7. Cheirotonus jansoni
  8. Dorcus titanus
  9. Megasoma elephas
  10. Megasoma janus
  11. Mecynorhina torquata
  12. Lamprima aurata
  13. Dynastes hercules
  14. Acrocinus longimanus
  15. Sagra longicollis
  16. Sagra buqueti
  17. Pachnoda marginata
  18. Xylotrupes gideon
  19. Cyclommatus metallifer

I have a few more that I have been unsuccessful in obtaining so far, but I can theoretically keep. 

  1. Calosoma scrutator
  2. Calosoma sycophanta
  3. Pasimachus viridans
  4. Tarpela micans
  5. Dynastes tityus

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I wish I could keep Atlas beetles. However, Allomyrina dichotoma is my big wish. I'm simple I guess.

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