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Beetle Contest

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Guess the orginal collection time for a Dynastes tityus female that represents the oldest continuous captive stock of that species (present day stock are her offspring), year, month, day, and time.


It's an interesting contest because anyone who knows nothing about inverts can take a guess but a little research will allow a better guess.


Second place prize for the five closest guesses is a free copy of the last issue of Invertebrates-Magazine (September 2008 Free Magazine Sept. 2008). The magazines can be shipped worldwide.


If someone guesses within 15 minutes of the actual time (USA only) they can win the grand prize inculding the magazine copy, a 1.5" H. gigas and a 1.5" L.parahybana (tarantulas).


Ends December 20th.


Rules: One guess per person, no changes. Void where prohibited. Judging and decisions are at the sole discretion of the contest holder. Address must be provided within ten days of winning notification to claim prize.


This contest is run on mantidforum and roachforum but is also open to beetleforum members. Give it a guess! Any guess is great!


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The actual date was August 20th, 1995.


Winners (in order of closest):

Arachyd (roachforum): Aug. 27, 1995

Katnapper (mantidforum) July 7, 1998

ismart (mantidforum): July 23rd, 1998

Frack (mantidforum) August 4 7:38 am 1998

shorty (mantidforum) August 27th, 1998



Rosenkreiger (roachforum) June 26, 1905


The time apparently was irrelevant but was 11:21PM.

PM mailing addresses within ten days.

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