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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to forum groups and online chatting but more than eager to get connected with the online beetle enthusiast community. I've studied a lot on US and Japanese stag, rhinoceros and carabid ground beetle breeding techniques and while I am well versed in the technical formalities and knowledge of such things I lack personal experience in the in field so to speak. While I was first introduce to the beetle hobby and collecting stag and rhinoceros beetles overseas in Taiwan for which I dream of breeding those gorgeous behemoths (although I am well aware and will stay well within the confines of legal parameters). Because of the laws and regulations restricting importation of exotic species I am looking for and focusing my attention on native species in the US. To be specific I'm looking to buy a breeding male and female pair of stag beetles ( Lucanus elaphus, Lucanus capreolus, Lucanus mazama, Dorcus brevis, or Dorcus parallelus,) or rhinoceros beetles ( Dynastes granti, Dynastes tityus, Strategus aloeus or Phileurus truncatus ). I do understand that I am way early in the season to be asking for adult beetles as they won't emerge until probably May but I do want to get connected with anyone who breeds and might be willing to sell a pair of either rhinoceros or stag beetles of any species.
  2. beetlebug

    Greetings from Taiwan

    Hello beetle forum! I'm visiting family in Taiwan over the summer and I am a huge stag beetle fan. After collecting and buying many species of stag beetles and rhino beetles as pets, I'm wondering if there is any way to bring my precious beetles back to California where i live. Some of my beetles I bought at pet vendors, others I found on my own. I found a allomyrina dichotoma eating tree sap on a tree. I also bought a Dorcus Titanus for only 2 dollars and a Odontolabis siva parryi for only 5 dollars. I also have many lucanus species