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Found 1 result

  1. PowerHobo

    Stubborn D. tityus

    Ok... so... stupid question(s) time. What's the best way to remove a stubborn D. tityus from your skin without hurting them? Do adult D. tityus tend to burrow or hide for a good while after shipping (similar to how tarantulas will)? About how long do D. tityus attempt to overwinter if kept in a room temp environment? As I've mentioned elsewhere, this is my first time with any sort of rhino beetle, and since they burrowed the second they touched the substrate, haven't touched their jelly, and we haven't seen them in a week now, the wife wanted proof that they were still alive, and seeing as she lets me get away with a lot in terms of hobbies, I felt compelled to oblige. I feel pretty bad, because I'm pretty sure I scared the absolute crap out of the female I found while gently digging through the substrate, as she latched onto my hand immediately, and wasn't budging even when presented with an easy path back to the substrate. Giving her gentle prods from any given angle just made her double down on her grip. I finally just literally settled down with a book, with the hand with the beetle in the tank, and she finally decided to let go and burrow. tl;dr: I accidentally scared one of my D. tityus, and spent the next hour as a beetle perch.