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Found 6 results

  1. Agapema

    Hello from Arizona

    Hello Forum Members, I have been approved as a member of beetleforum.net. It's been long enough since I applied that I despaired of ever making it in this grouBut I have to say that I actually like the fact that membership is not instant and automatic like some other online groups. In 1987, right out of college at UCSC in coastal California, I packed up my VW squareback with a few possessions and moved to Arizona. I had no job here, I had no place to stay, I had no friend's couch to crash on. One of my first destinations in Arizona was Carr Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains of Cochise County. Unbelievably, there was a sign on the outside of one of the last homes before entering the national forest, "ROOM FOR RENT." I stopped in and talked with the young couple who were renting the home. Before I left that day, the couple told me to bring my car around and move my stuff inside. I was able to run my lights every night during that summer and into the fall that year. I have lived and worked in Arizona since that time. Though I started out collecting beetles and butterflies as a boy, in my teenage years I moved to large moths and that has occupied my time for a few decades. Professionally, I worked for nearly 20 years as a botanist and most of my science publications regard plants. I have been deeply involved in working on the floristics and faunistics of the state of Sonora, Mexico. I continue to be fascinated by the region-- from the tropical deciduous forests in the extreme south where Morpho butterflies and Golofa (only a 9 hour drive from Tucson) occur, to the dry and hot deserts of the western coastal plain. I have reared Megasoma and Dynastes successfully and would like to continue rearing these and other groups. I am rearing Phanaeus now, too. There is an undescribed species of Dinapate south of here that I might attempt at some point. For now, with my interest in biogeography and ecology, I am preoccupied with local beetles (southwestern North America including Northwest Mexico), especially Megasoma. I am very interested in doing field prospecting for undiscovered populations and observing behavior in the field with a special emphasis on hostplants of adults. I am excited to be able to establish contact with other hobbyists who collect and rear. And I will end by saying I have no issue with collectors and those who sell insects, alive or dead. I do it myself. And, it is true now as it has been as long as collecting has been a hobby, that most of the information we have about nature has been collected by so-called "amateurs" and not professional scientists. The greatest disservice a country can do for the state of knowledge of it's natural resources is to forbid its citizens the ability to engage in hobbies in the natural sciences. Best regards, Mike in Tucson
  2. HyprNekoStorm

    Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae

    My Megasoma Sleeperi Larvae! Anyone know if they have reached 2nd instar yet?
  3. Do Megasoma species tend to surface or become seemingly lethargic before a molt? I have yet to actually witness a molt, but I've got one M punctulatus who has grown quite fat and firm in the body (head is still fairly small) who is hanging out on the surface of its substrate. The larva barely moved at all when picked up until I prodded its head, at which point it recoiled as expected. There was a good bit of frass in the substrate, so I went ahead and mixed it with new oak flake from BiC, and placed the larva into a hole, but it's back on the surface again this morning.
  4. sin5

    Megasoma gyas porioni

    Megasoma gyas porioni  Its very cool beetle
  5. Found this sitting on a palm stump on a beach while on vacation in Mexico. After trying to pry it off the stump and then have it cling so tightly to my hand it left red marks, I now know what Orin is referring to when the Ultimate Guide says "Dynastes Tityus hangs on tightly with claws". Ouch.
  6. sin5

    Megasoma thersite

    I started breeding new species!